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Wildflowers photographed from a low angle looking up to the sun

Wildflowers in Schools

Create space for nature, and for nature-connected learning, by planting wildflowers.

Wildflowers are a great way to bring colour and interest to your school grounds, and taking education outside is good for your learners, and for the planet. Use our resources to create and make the most of these special habitats using science, creativity and celebration.

Cornish Primary Schools Sow Wildflower Seeds

Teenage school girls throwing seeds

Every space counts

Every space counts. Whether it’s a field sized meadow, flower bed or container, making room for wildflowers wherever you can will make difference to local pollinators and provide a rich environment for learning and creativity.


Last 50 years

Cornfield annual wildflowers are the fastest declining wildflowers in the UK, due to changes in agriculture and pressure from development. Some are almost extinct in the wild. This has had serious consequences for wildlife as wildflowers provide food for a range of insects including bees and butterflies.

A young girl standing looking excited in-between a large array of wild flowers

Wildflowers are good for people

Wildflowers are good for people too and we need more chances to connect with this incredible natural heritage. Taking learning outdoors can positively impact children’s learning, health and wellbeing and social skills, and enhance their connection to nature. 

Grow wildflowers

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About this project

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In Summer 2023 the DfE, in partnership with the Eden Project, distributed wildflower seeds to thousands of schools as part of the King’s Coronation celebrations.