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Bee on cornflower with ox eye daisies

Our projects

Eden’s visitor destinations are our shop windows: places to explore stories, share ideas, and have a great day out. Eden the movement is much larger: our growing range of projects, from local to global, aim to transform places and lives.

Today our species, Homo sapiens sapiens, understand the impact we are having on the planet: climate crisis, biodiversity loss, pollution. It is time to step up and shape a better future. Our projects aim to stimulate, educate and empower. We explore the interconnectedness of all living things and demonstrate the power of what people can do when they come together to protect the planet.

Tim quote

Sir Tim Smit

“ Eden is now a movement – one where all our projects are linked and our activities legible as coherent value-driven actions that effect our geographies worldwide... Eden is about agency and doing things. ”

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