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This year we have teamed up with ITV's Loose Women to celebrate Earth Day with an inspiring broadcast from our Rainforest Biome.

Placard reading 'there is no Planet B' in a protest

What is Earth Day?

This incredible planet keeps us alive, so we need to take care of it. But, over-consumption means it's in a crisis. As we continue to pollute nature, the climate gets hotter. For healthy people and a healthy planet, we need transformational change.

Earth Day is a global environmental movement that started in 1970, marked annually on 22 April. It calls for the protection of the planet through activism and education. Every year one billion people take part, across almost 200 countries, to create positive change.

Download your Earth Day Action Toolkit now and join the movement.

Globe model on Rainforest Canopy Walkway at Eden Project

Why is Earth Day important?

At the Eden Project, our mission is to demonstrate and inspire positive action for the planet, which is why we know Earth Day is so important. 

We celebrate our connection to nature, working with it to change the direction we're heading in, together. It's not too late to create a sustainable future with a stable climate, where everyone has equal access to fresh air, clean water and enough food.

ITV's Loose Women stood in the Eden Project Rainforest Biome

Loose Women Green Special at the Eden Project

On Monday 22 April, ITV's Loose Women presented a very special edition of their long-running weekday panel show from our Rainforest Biome. To celebrate Earth Day, the panel discussed if the way we live, spend and socialise can help save the planet.

child and mother planting

Talking about climate anxiety

Continue the discussion by learning more about climate anxiety and how to turn negative feelings about climate change into positive action